SCAR LLC is based in Jupiter, FL and operates under the dba GlassTech. For 7 years GlassTech has been recognized as a trusted service provider for scratched glass repair services, metal restoration and corrosion inhibiting coating applications in Florida.
GlassTech is used by estate and property managers, window and door manufacturers and contractors, high end estate builders, developers, luxury retailers and hospitality industry.
GlassTech has built the reputation of providing professional, prompt and courteous service with results that exceed the expectations of our clients.
SCAR LLC is proud to be a certified applicator for NeverEtch® Marble Protection coatings. Restoring, coating and finishing marble surfaces have many procedural similarities to our existing core expertise, making it a natural extension of our services.
With the addition of NeverEtch®, SCAR LLC can provide our clientele with a group of important and specialized services that will restore, protect, and preserve the focal points of any property.
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