NeverEtch® Marble Protection was developed for marble surfaces and is the most robust protection available today! NeverEtch® is a UV cured clear coating that bonds to marble, sealing its porous surface from liquids, foods and contaminants. Available in a honed or polished finish, NeverEtch® is invisible, seamless and has no discernible edge.

Enjoy everyday living without having to worry about life’s daily messes and mishaps ruining the look and feel of the stone you love so much.

The NeverEtch Difference

  • Stain Protection
  • Etch Protection
  • Not a Film
  • Improved surface durability and scratch resistance
  • 10 year Warranty
  • UV Stable
  • Superior bond and adhesion
  • Repairable

More Details

NeverEtch® is applied only by trained and certified applicators who perform multiple steps to expertly restore the appearance of your marble then provide a layer of protection that will not only enhance the appearance of your stone, NeverEtch® will protect it for years to come.


Homeowners can enjoy peace of mind with NeverEtch protection. Countertops are not affected by juices, wine, coffee, toothpaste and other common liquids and foods.Enjoy the natural beauty of your marble.

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Hospitality and Food Service

Protect bars, Countertops and Tables from food and drink spills Stain and etch free surfaces appear cleaner and more appealing.NeverEtch protected surfaces are also easier to maintain.

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Commercial Properties

Protect countertops from liquids, contaminants and excessive damage from normal contact.

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